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Energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation – Viessmann offers system solutions based on renewable and fossil fuels for all areas of application. From heating systems for detached houses to large scale systems for industry and commerce. Take a closer look at the different product groups here. The product range can be narrowed down further using the product catalogue. There you can conveniently filter according to individual characteristics such as area of application and project type. To get tailor-made product suggestions based on detailed information, use the Viessmann product finder search function.

Heat pump

Viessmann heat pumps use the energy stored in the ground, ambient air and water for heating and cooling. Whether as a sole heat generator, in combination with solar systems or together with oil or gas heating as a hybrid system, the operation saves valuable resources – thereby reducing both CO2 emissions and heating costs. Our diverse product range offers the right Vitocal heat pump for every need. This applies to both new and existing buildings. 

Hybrid heating system

Compact Viessmann hybrid heating systems enable a combination of renewable and fossil fuel energy sources. The intelligent Hybrid Pro Control energy manager ensures the most efficient mode of operation is selected at all times. In economy mode, the focus is on low heating costs. In ecological mode, the system operates with the lowest CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of heating energy generated. Photovoltaics can also be integrated into the system and controlled.

Fuel cell

Fuel cells use the principle of cogeneration to produce electricity and heat simultaneously from hydrogen. Viessmann Vitovalor fuel cells need only a gas connection for this. While the PT2 fuel cell heating system is used as a modern energy centre, the PA2 fuel cell supplements existing heating systems to create an efficient system solution that increases the degree of self-sufficiency.

Solid fuel boilers

Since only as much CO2 is released during combustion as the trees absorbed during their growth period, heating with wood and solid fuel boilers is considered to be climate-neutral. Viessmann Vitoligno log and pellet heating systems use this renewable resource as the energy source for efficient, clean heat generation. Thanks to the appropriate conveyor technology, this is done semi-automatically or fully automatically in the case of pellet heating systems.

Solar thermal

Viessmann solar thermal systems utilise the freely available solar energy for DHW heating and central heating backup. This helps to reduce use of fossil fuels, thereby cutting CO2 emissions and heating costs. The individual system components are perfectly matched to each other. The Vitosol flat-plate or vacuum tube collectors are used as the central element, the latter allowing efficient energy generation even on small roofs.

Energy management

Viessmann is setting new standards in terms of energy management. The modular Vitocharge power storage unit supplies consumers such as heat pumps, wallboxes and electrical appliances with power produced on site. The Viessmann GridBox serves as the control centre for electricity and heat. It visualises the energy flows of the power storage unit and photovoltaic system as well as household electricity consumption, thus allowing full cost transparency.

Connectivity and control

Modern heating systems from Viessmann are designed for use in the Smart Home. Using the integral interface, the system can be connected to the internet and transformed into a digital heating system. This allows you to control it at any time from anywhere using the app and a smartphone or tablet. Not only does this make it particularly convenient for you but also offers up potential savings, with various assistance functions helping you to adjust the consumption to your own needs. 

Gas heating system

Viessmann's advanced gas heating systems combine proven technology with innovative solutions. Thanks to condensing technology, up to 98 percent of the energy stored in natural and liquid gas is converted into heat. For the Vitodens compact gas condensing boilers, Lambda Pro Control Plus ensures consistently high efficiency when gas quality fluctuates or there's a change of gas type. The Vitocrossal gas condensing boilers meet high performance requirements. The following applies to both product ranges: H2 ready appliances can already be operated with blends containing 20 percent hydrogen.

Oil heating system

Viessmann oil condensing heating systems are distinguished by their impressively high operational reliability and optimum utilisation of the fuel used. Careful use of oil as its fossil fuel energy source makes this proven heating technology futureproof. Another contributory factor is the potential for using green fuels, as the latest generation of Viessmann oil heating systems can be operated with fuel containing a proportion of bio-oil. The integration of renewable energies into a hybrid heating system facilitates a gradual switchover to these sources.

Low temperature boilers

The proven heating technology is a particularly reliable solution for covering the heat demand of large buildings. It is used in Viessmann low temperature oil and gas boilers. As three-pass boilers, these offer economical and comparatively clean combustion. With the Vitoplex low temperature boilers, it's also possible to retrofit a stainless steel flue gas/water heat exchanger, thus enabling a higher standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] to be achieved through the use of condensing technology.   

Water heaters

With appliances for centralised and decentralised DHW heating, the Viessmann product range meets a variety of requirements. The Vitocell water heaters can be combined with various heating systems as well as solar thermal systems and ensure a convenient and efficient centralised DHW supply. Vitotherm electric DHW systems are not connected to the heating system and are therefore particularly suitable for retrofitting. 

Ventilation systems

The innovative Viessmann ventilation technology operates reliably and very quietly to provide a pleasant indoor climate. By removing excess moisture from the air, it also prevents the formation of mould. Both centralised ventilation systems and decentralised systems for ventilating individual rooms allow heat recovery from extract air. As a result, Vitovent ventilation systems significantly reduce energy demand. 


To convert free solar energy into electricity, Viessmann offers photovoltaic systems with perfectly matched components. In addition to the high quality Vitovolt photovoltaic modules, this also includes inverters, assembly systems and power storage units. The system can also be combined with a Viessmann electrically powered heat pump to increase self-consumption, a particularly worthwhile venture in view of high electricity prices.

Electric heater

Viessmann electric heaters provide decentralised heating of living spaces. They supplement existing heating systems or provide heat where it is needed quickly. The Vitoplanar electric heaters are available as electric infrared heaters, rapid heaters and wall convectors as well as in the form of underfloor heating for parquet, laminate and ceramic floors. Infrared heaters complete the range. 


The Vitoset range of accessories from Viessmann offers a number of reliable components for the heating system. These have already been optimally matched to the systems at the factory and ensure straightforward installation as well as a high level of operational reliability. In addition to radiators and underfloor heating systems, the range of accessories also includes oil tanks, drinking water softening systems and Vitoset Protect packs – heating system components for water softening and air and dirt separation.

CHP unit

Viessmann's combined heat and power (CHP) units, which run on natural gas and liquid gas, use the principle of combined heat and power generation to produce heat and electrical energy simultaneously. The CHP units operate in parallel with a boiler and really come into their own when there is high heat demand. This is because these conditions enable sufficient power to be produced, which, if subsequently used on site, can significantly reduce electricity costs. Viessmann Vitobloc CHP units are therefore particularly suitable for industry, commerce and local authorities.

Industrial/commercial boilers

For economical DHW and steam generation in industrial, commercial and local authority applications, Viessmann offers the Vitomax industrial/commercial boilers. Many years of experience in the construction of industrial and commercial boilers ensure that these appliances offer high operational reliability and a long service life. Through custom engineering in close cooperation with specialists in industrial and commercial boiler technology, individual solutions can be developed across a broad range of applications.